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April 14, 2006
ryanrawk: yeah Calvin
ryanrawk: yeah
Gravediggerblues: what?
ryanrawk: i don't know
ryanrawk: you are Calvin
ryanrawk: and i'm drunk
Gravediggerblues: so I am
ryanrawk: so i thought i'd tell you that
ryanrawk: ok, seriously, why does the new built to spill suck so bad?
ryanrawk: come on Calvin
ryanrawk: don't be shy
ryanrawk: be a man, and dis Doug
ryanrawk: you know that it sucks
ryanrawk: alright, so you don't want to talk about that... fine
ryanrawk: see, you put your IM name up on Makeoutclub
ryanrawk: but you won't talk to people online
ryanrawk: that's not very fair
ryanrawk: i want to talk indie with you
ryanrawk: you know, gossip and stuff
ryanrawk: and you won't even write back
ryanrawk: so unfair Calvin!
Gravediggerblues: alright
Gravediggerblues: tell me some gossip
Gravediggerblues: I promise I won't spread it around
ryanrawk: ok... did you hear Beat Happening put out a new seven inch?
ryanrawk: wait... you'd know that... shit
ryanrawk: what else... hmmm
ryanrawk: ok i'm just being silly
ryanrawk: sorry if i'm bugging you
Gravediggerblues: not at all
ryanrawk: ok... um, Beck broke up with Wynona, then she went out with Ryan Adam's but i think she fucked him over
Gravediggerblues: sad
ryanrawk: Wynona?
ryanrawk: er
ryanrawk: fuck i don't know
Gravediggerblues: one to the other and she never once called
ryanrawk: hey man, you've got nice hair... where do you get it cut?
Gravediggerblues: hmmm
ryanrawk: ok.
ryanrawk: can you play an instrument?
Gravediggerblues: where you messing from?
ryanrawk: MICHIGAN BRO
ryanrawk: do you know the guys from Death Cab for Cutie?
ryanrawk: do they score a lot of hot chicks in Olympia?
Gravediggerblues: they just might
Gravediggerblues: I've never met them
ryanrawk: oh... do you like them?
Gravediggerblues: I heard one of their records once and thought it was pretty good
ryanrawk: right on
Gravediggerblues: I don't know which one though
ryanrawk: ok... so what's the scoop on Dub Narcotic?
Gravediggerblues: we are playing a show tomorrow!
ryanrawk: hey, you know Isaac from Modest Mouse, right? what was all that shit about him being accused of rape and stuff? is that why he got his jaw broken? i am going to see them in Chicago on Sunday... should i say you said hi?
Gravediggerblues: he never raped a girl
ryanrawk: that's good
Gravediggerblues: he was mugged in Chicago two years ago and they broke his jaw
ryanrawk: what a bunch of assholes
Gravediggerblues: it was while recording the Moon and Antarctica
ryanrawk: they just wanted a write up in Pitchfork i bet
ryanrawk: like "hey, we'll break Isaac's jaw, and they will write about us in pitchfork"
ryanrawk: they are internet star whores!
ryanrawk: tell me something funny Calvin
ryanrawk: did you watch that Bjork video yet?
ryanrawk: she is naked in it you know
ryanrawk: boobs and everything!
Gravediggerblues: I have not seen that
ryanrawk: ok, well, you should
ryanrawk: so, tell me a story about the White Stripes
ryanrawk: er
ryanrawk: Stripes
ryanrawk: they are from Michigan you know
ryanrawk: tell me they are over-rated... i dare you!
Gravediggerblues: they are not!
Gravediggerblues: who says!?!
ryanrawk: I SAY
ryanrawk: come on, they are crap and you know it
ryanrawk: don't believe the British Calvin
ryanrawk: they like Stereophonics
ryanrawk: and Travis
ryanrawk: and you know how band that shit sucks
Gravediggerblues: I've never heard of either
ryanrawk: oh right
ryanrawk: you are so indie you've never heard of Travis
Gravediggerblues: but I've seen White Stripes and know they are it
ryanrawk: that's ass, and you know it
ryanrawk: it?
Gravediggerblues: hmmm
ryanrawk: the Strokes, yeah, they are it
ryanrawk: i'll give them that
ryanrawk: the Strokes are great
ryanrawk: but the White Stripes?
ryanrawk: they can't even play!
Gravediggerblues: I have not heard them, either
ryanrawk: but, i guess you'd like that
ryanrawk: ha.
ryanrawk: hey can i re-publish this conversation on a webzine?
ryanrawk: it's a zine, for godsakes
ryanrawk: you love zines in Olympia
ryanrawk: right?
ryanrawk: dude, why doesn't Kathleen Hanna shave her pits?
ryanrawk: that's sick
ryanrawk: oh man, speaking of over-rated
ryanrawk: Le Tigre
ryanrawk: ouch are they bad
ryanrawk: them and the White Stripes should together and have a "we suck" parade
ryanrawk: why are your thoughts on this?
ryanrawk: my friends want to tell you that you ruined the Halo Benders
ryanrawk: we both really like the song on the LIVE comp ("virginia reel around the fountain") A LOT BETTER.
ryanrawk: dude, alright... you don't want to play anymore do you?
ryanrawk: damn it
ryanrawk: this was fun, but you aren't playing anymore
ryanrawk: want me to leave you alone?
ryanrawk: ok Calvin i'm sorry i made you mad
ryanrawk: we can still be friends tho
ryanrawk: i'll allow it
ryanrawk: er
ryanrawk: yeah
ryanrawk: bye "friend"
Gravediggerblues: I agree
Gravediggerblues: totally
Gravediggerblues: I did ruin them
ryanrawk: oh!
Gravediggerblues: but I don't know about Le Tigre being over rated
ryanrawk: yes, i'm glad you agree, because i think the mass majority of people of the world do too
Gravediggerblues: no doubt
ryanrawk: oh! i love them!
ryanrawk: Gwen is hot... her and Moby are so cute together
ryanrawk: what do you think?
Gravediggerblues: not my type
ryanrawk: what's your type, Calvin?
ryanrawk: Hobbes?
ryanrawk: ha
ryanrawk: that was too funny
Gravediggerblues: agreed
ryanrawk: what do you think?
ryanrawk: is your screen name after a Soul Asylum album?
Gravediggerblues: ?
Gravediggerblues: I've never listened to a Soul Asylum album
ryanrawk: hey, my girlfriend has a crush on the guy from the Microphones... do you think if they met that he would steal her from me? because she thinks he's cute..
ryanrawk: "The Glow, Pt. 2 is the brand spanking new Microphones album. It's the sound of the small bird flying into a big black cloud and arriving at the other side with brand new visions of nature and eternity"
ryanrawk: did you write that? that's really terrible
Gravediggerblues: no
Gravediggerblues: Quitty
Gravediggerblues: wrote it
Gravediggerblues: from Tight Bros
ryanrawk: oh
ryanrawk: that's hep
Gravediggerblues: He will not steal your girlfriend
Gravediggerblues: sorry
ryanrawk: no that's good
ryanrawk: i mean, yeah Phil is a nice looking fellow
ryanrawk: but, i am not so bad
ryanrawk: hey, um...
ryanrawk: do you feel like a big celebrity 'cause SPIN interviewed you about Make Out Club?
Gravediggerblues: not at all
ryanrawk: are you pissed they are invading "the scene"?
ryanrawk: you know, i mean they reviewed the Quasi album and all
ryanrawk: do you think SPIN is a form of media terrorism?
ryanrawk: or do you think it's healthy
for Creed fans to know about Makeoutclub and Quasi?
Gravediggerblues: it makes no never mind to me
ryanrawk: ok
ryanrawk: you don't think much about much do you boy?
ryanrawk: alright Calvin, this has been a great drunken interview
ryanrawk: i'd like to close it out by asking you what you've been listening to lately
Gravediggerblues: Can't wait to see it in print
Gravediggerblues: oh
Gravediggerblues: couple of 45s from Seattle of all places
Gravediggerblues: Chromatics
Gravediggerblues: and
Gravediggerblues: soiled Doves
ryanrawk: alright.
ryanrawk: what about James Brown?
ryanrawk: do you listen to James Brown?
Gravediggerblues: of course
ryanrawk: ok, you are sweet
ryanrawk: also, who do you have a crush on right now?
Gravediggerblues: The album I Can't Stand Myself When You Touch ME
Gravediggerblues: is a classic
Gravediggerblues: also the live in Baltimore album is so raw
ryanrawk: mmm
ryanrawk: raw
ryanrawk: good word
Gravediggerblues: too many to mention in a public place like this
ryanrawk: ok Calvin
ryanrawk: good luck with that little record label of yours
ryanrawk: maybe someday it'll go far
ryanrawk: thanks for the fun
Gravediggerblues: don't worry
Gravediggerblues: it's not going anywhere
ryanrawk: alright.

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