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July 16, 2002
For years now, the World Wide Web and other various Internet technologies have connected people across the globe and have functioned as quite possibly the largest library ever invented. The Internet can be used to set up a family vacation, find a new place to live, to purchase an infinite amount of music, books, clothing, and just about anything else you can think of. While most of you reading this have participated in one if not all of the afore mentioned activities during your online adventures, there is one single most sought after subject on search engines across the world. It's sex, of course.

The Internet and pornography have gone hand in hand ever since the technology's inception, and pornography has always been a constant concern for governments around the world, as well as the delight of every fifteen-year-old boy to sign on for his "first time." There are of course a plethora of different types of porn on the Internet, ranging from the simple pleasures of seeing a nude Drew Barrymore or the typical lesbian tryst, to the more peculiar scenes of a woman going down on a horse or people taking massive shits on each other. Whatever you want to find, it is more than likely out there (and usually for free, if you are persistent enough).

Now, as stated before, music is another booming topic on the Internet, where you can find an immeasurable number of band websites, downloadable music, venues and concert listings, lyrics, and guitar tablature to seemingly every song that has ever been written.

So, is it not natural for two of the more popular topics found on the Internet, music and pornography, to come together in a sweaty tangle of flesh and cyberspace? Of course it is!

The interesting thing about this predictable marriage of interests, however, is exploding all over the net in a most unlikely of places. Where as sex and rock and roll have always gone together, most people expect to find the two combined in the electric pink spandex and neon blue headband wearing world of Poison, Winger, and Faster Pussycat. On the Internet, however, it seems that indie rockers and emo kids have embraced the coupling of music and pornography like no other. Yes, people, even indie rockers like to get their fuck on.

Following the rules of pornography, there are varying degrees of indie and emo porn littered throughout the information super highway. For those interested in meeting via Instant Messenger (or sometimes personally) there is the ever-popular Make Out Club. Make Out Club essentially features profiles of various Dashboard Confessional and Livejournal devotees, and functions as a sort of indie rock dating service (though the creators and users will never admit it). There have been a number of imitators to spring up in the aftermath of Makeout Club's success (SPIN even did an article on the thing, featuring a quote from my close pal Calvin Johnson), including Wang Out Club and the Michigan-oriented Girls Plus Boys. Even Geek America magazine has begun a sort of emo-centric "hot or not" feature, where folks can post pictures of themselves to be rated by kids sitting in their bedrooms listening to Death Cab for Cutie. The porn quotient on these sites, however, is on the low side (though you may be able to get it on with a member at a later date).

Things, of course, tend to heat up on the next group of web sites, all of which feature some type of nudity (or at least tease enough to where it qualifies as arousing). Some sites, like Emo Porn and Girls With Glasses straddle on the soft-core side of things and essentially feature pictures of fairly attractive kids who most likely have read Catcher in the Rye and just loved Ghost World.

Other sites, however, take things to the extreme (and rock the mic like a vandal, might I add) with full on nudity! Undies Only Club functions similarly to Make Out Club, but instead of users posing next to their Get Up Kids silk screened poster with their brand new Thursday hoodie on, they do so in their underpants. There is no nudity on this site, but some of the users push this regulation to the limit, and the site is updated quite frequently. The shit starts to hit the fan on the more pornographically inclined and member only web sites, such as the very indie Nakkid Nerds, where, as to be expected, nerds get naked. The spikey hair set even gets in on the action with Punk Rock Chicks, as well as the beloved black clad gothic ones, with Suicide Girls.

The most popular of all these web sites could quite possibly be Super Cult, where nudity and masturbation abound. The site (which is very well designed) is regularly updated with their indier-than-thou models posing in various situations (a slumber party, in the park, in the bathroom, etc). What separates these girls from your more typical fake-boobed blond bombshells are the Betty Page haircuts, horned rimed glasses, and nautical themed tattoos adorning their scantily-clad bodies.

These web sites are definitely causing a cultural boom within the "scene" (whichever you belong to), and by the looks of things, there is no slow down in sight. With bands like the Faint leaking a sexuality that has been missing from indie rock, as well as bands like the Oxes and their controversial penis-showing album cover (a perfect example of why any press is still good press), it seems as the once shy and introverted indie rocker is now embracing their own genitalia, going to town on it, and making the whole affair quite public. This kind of sexual revolution is helping to prove that indie rockers do indeed like to make the sex just like anyone else, but instead of soundtracking it with Barry White, they reach for a little Locust to get the mood juuuuuuuust right.

Aw yeah.

Ryan Allen
A former staff writer with fabulous hair, Ryan Allen once fronted Red Shirt Brigade with his brother, Scott. He currently fronts the art/fashion punk band Thunderbirds Are Now!, with is brother, Scott.

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