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 » In Persuasion Nation - A review of the latest collection of stories from George Saunders, defender of the masses of ill-educated, befuddled consumers desperately attempting to retain their individuality in the face of all-encompassing corporate identities.
[04.25.2007 by N.D. Burkey]


 » Guerilla Gardening - "While a land owner might turn a blind eye or eventually give us permission, the natural forces in cities - the weather, pollution, vandals, litter - are permanent opponents." Founder and spokesperson Richard Reynolds on the tactics of Guerrilla Gardening.
[06.26.2006 by N.D. Burkey]


 » Poetry Spam 02 - Sculptor and welder Richard Stankiewicz made a living by finding the beauty in junk, but that was half a century ago. This is the digital age, and one has to wonder if anyone can find any beauty in the digital reems of junk mail that are dumped on the world each day.
[05.05.2006 by N.D. Burkey]


 » Little Wings - A skateboarding band with a surfing sensibility which has put out more albums than years it has been together and sometimes goes shoeless.
[05.02.2006 by N.D. Burkey]


 » Poetry Spam 01 - Groundhog Day 2006 is a watershed moment in literature. You can forget about poetry in the form of jams; this is the 21st century, and Neil Burkey has got poetry in the form of spam!
[02.02.2006 by N.D. Burkey]


 » Camden Joy - From what very little I knew about Camden Joy I was ready for a lousy compilation of music reviews, or the feeble attempt of a music reviewer at writing a novel, and what I received instead was an impassioned call for a better understanding of life and loss.
[10.08.2002 by N.D. Burkey]
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