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 » Ransom Seaborn - A mainstay of his native Pittsburgh's music scene, Bill Deasy's first work of literature finds the multi-album singer and songwriter to be as strong on the page as he is in the arena of three and a half-minute pop songs. Deasy populates this expanded arena with those floating in the wake of the title character's death, weaving his story amongst the complex relationships forged as they confront mortality and death with emotions that are often raw and undeveloped.
[10.09.2007 by Trent Moore]


 » Hatchet - A limited release for Ariescope Pictures tagged as "old-school American horror," writer-director Adam Green's newest product is a throwback to simpler times.
[09.19.2007 by Trent Moore]


 » Beowulf: A New Verse Translation - There are more than 20 translations of this Old English epic into modern English, but the new Whitbread Prize-winning translation by Seamus Heaney, the Irish poet and Nobel laureate, stands out as one of the most remarkable among them.
[09.04.2007 by Trent Moore]
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